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Introducing Dev Team

Hi, Dmitry is here.

I’m glad to be the first person to speak on behalf of Atalasoft Dev Team in this blog!

We are small, but live and curious team that works on Atalasoft products:

We love to create beautiful APIs and make difficult things easy and pleasant to use. We want to share our experience and knowledge of the product with you to hear your feedback. We plan to use GitHub as a stage for our samples, demo projects, curious findings and crazy ideas.

We are highly distributed team as well - there are so many places on Earth where you can find a fellow Atalasoft-er:

  • Easthampton, MA, US
  • Irvine, CA, US
  • Saint Petersburg, Russia

There are other places you can look at to gather additional information about Atalasoft team:

Stay tuned - we will be back sooner than you think!