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NuGet Tutorial - Web Document Viewer (2018)

Hi, this is Denis. This blog entry is an update to our previous article NuGet Tutorial I - Web Document Viewer which was written in 2016. Many things were changed since that, so it’s time to update that guide.   [Read More]

Any CPU Support (kind of)

AnyCPU is great. Period. You don’t need to think about architecture. It just works. Everyone loves to build AnyCPU applications, they are much easier to port to different platforms (hello Mono, hello .NET Core), they are supported on both x86 and x64 architectures.   [Read More]

Web Document Viewer - Bower package

Motivation Since lately we have introduced NuGet packages for our Web Document Viewer component we have worked out another scenario of separating frontend and backend development.   [Read More]

NuGet Tutorial II - Web Capture Service

Hi, my name is Denis Legashov, and I am a software developer at Atalasoft company. This is the second post about NuGet packages for DotImage product, and today I want to tell you about Web Capture Service (WCS) - tiny but powerful instrument to import or scan images from the browser.   [Read More]



Hello, my name is Dmitry Goryachev and I’m a software engineer from Atalasoft. Let me introduce the tool, which I created to explore and edit PDF-files – PdfCodeEditor.   [Read More]