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NuGet Tutorial I - Web Document Viewer

Hi, Dmitry is here. Today I want to start a series of simple but motivating posts about NuGet packages for DotImage product and how they can be useful to speed up development of imaging and capture-oriented applications.   [Read More]

ScriptCs support for DotImage

Hi, Dmitry is here. It is interesting and very motivating to discover more and more features that we can utilize after we created NuGet packages for DotImage product. It is like a good investment - you get more and more dividends over time :) Recently I discovered another cool area where NuGet packages are especially useful - scripting.   [Read More]

Introducing Activation Wizard Extension

Hi, Dmitry is here. You certainly heard the latest news about public NuGet packages we have just introduced for DotImage product.   [Read More]

Introducing NuGet Packages

Hi, Dmitry is here. Yes, you read it right. Atalasoft DotImage NuGet packages are officially online! We worked pretty hard for about a year to deliver this update. It is the fist step   [Read More]

Introducing Dev Team

Hi, Dmitry is here. I’m glad to be the first person to speak on behalf of Atalasoft Dev Team in this blog! We are small, but live and curious team that works on Atalasoft products:   [Read More]