Atalasoft.Controls.Capture.UploadToCaptureServer. UploadParams

new UploadParams()

Upload service initialization parameters

Name Type Description
handlerUrl string

url to web capture handler to upload images data to

[eventBindObject] Object

events bind object to trigger events. By default it's empty jquery object

Name Type Description
bind function

attach a handler to an event

unbind function

detach a handler from an event

trigger function

execute all handlers and behaviors attached to the matched elements for the given event type

[uploadOptions] UploadOptions

additional data for upload HTTP requests

[uploadLocation] string

optional value for 'uploadLocation' form data part of the upload HTTP request.

onUploadStarted onUploadStartedCallback

handler for onUploadStarted

onUploadCompleted onUploadCompletedCallback

handler for onUploadCompleted

onUploadError onUploadErrorCallback

handler for onUploadError