Atalasoft.Controls. Capture




(static) Errors :string

Web Capture Client side errors.

Name Type Description
report string
ajax string

Upload failed with XMLHttpRequest initialization error.

badBrowser string

The browser is not supported. see Handling Errors

badVrsLicense string

VRS license is missing or invalid.

licensingError string

Scanning service license is invalid or expired or WebCaptureHandler license request failed.

vrsBadCommand string

VRS command string contains error.

batchFieldValidationError string

Batch field validation failed. see Connect to UI Controls for batch fields validation details.

indexFieldValidationError string

IndexField validation failed.

fieldValidationError string

Batch, or index field validation failed.

batchFieldsError string

The server could not retrieve the batch fields for the selected batch class.

contentTypesError string

The server could not retrieve content types.

contentDescError string

The server could not retrieve the content description.

docClassIndexFieldError string

The server could not retrieve the index fields for the document class.

doorOpen string

Scanner reports cover open.

doubleFeed string

Scanner reports a double-feed.

driverCrash string

Fatal exception in scanner driver.

dsmFail string

Failure in TWAIN Manager.

dsOpen string

Failed to open scanner.

fileFail string

File not found or cannot be written or cannot be read.

Also could indicate corrupted file content.

fileLocked string

File was locked by other application.

helperDll string

Failed to load scanning service helper DLL.

Could be fired in case of broken installation.

importError string

Captured document import failed in Atalasoft.Controls.Capture.CaptureService

internalError string

Generic Capture Service error.

This error reported for unexpected service errors.

noPlugin string

The scanning service needs to be installed or started.

noTwain string

Twain feature needs to be installed(enabled in Windows features) on machine. see Handling Errors.

oldPlugin string

The scanning service needs to be updated to a newer version. see Handling Errors.

oldWindowsService string

The scanning service which runs as windows service needs to be updated to a newer version. see Handling Errors.

outOfMemory string

Insufficient memory to complete an operation. Restarting the Scanning Service may help.

paperJam string

Scanner reports a paper jam.

scanFail string

Scan start failed.

serverNotResponding string

Web server requests failed with timeout. Most likely fired on scanned images automatic upload. see Upload to Capture Handler

tooManyImages string

Too many images for Scanning service to handle.

Error could occur on big batch scans if all scanned images are kept in memory. For big batches it's suggested to discard every image and use deliverables settings to save each scanned image to encrypted local file.

unsupportedFormatWarning string

Requested file format is not supported.

uploadError string

The server reported an error while uploading.

userCancel string

User cancelled the operation.

Typically fired when scan is aborted by user using progress dialog. In this case scan is considered failed with this error.

vrsBadDpiWarning string

Image DPI is too low or couldn't be correctly read from image.

Note, when processing mobile camera images using VRS, usually DPI is not set correctly or don't have enough sense for Image Processing. In this case it's suggested to add **DeviceType_2 ** command to evrsSettings. This will instruct VRS to apply algorithms which is specific to mobile images.

xferFail string

Image transfer failed.

webServiceMissed string

Clarification message for noPlugin error.

lowIntegrityAccessDenied string

Browser process runs with restricted privileges which is not enough to correctly initialize Web Capture Service running as windows service.

Typically this could happen in IE when visiting internet site with an untrusted certificate, or enable enhanced security mode is enabled.

brokenConnection string

Connection to Web Capture Service is broken for some unknown reason.

This could happen in rare circumstances of unrecoverable errors on Web Capture Service side. Page refresh typically resolves the problem.

feederEmpty string

Document feeder is empty.

(static, readonly) FeederType :number

Feeder types enumeration.

Name Type Description
Flatbed number

Scan from platen (AKA platen/glass)

Feeder number

Scan from ADF (Automatic Document Feeder)

AutoSelect number

Scan from ADF (Automatic Document Feeder), if ADF is empty, scan from flatbed. If the scanner does not support the feature, leave unchanged.

Any number

Leave current scanner settings

(static, readonly) ImprinterTypes :string

Imprinter types enumeration.

Values corresponds to TWAIN specification.

Name Type Description
ImprinterBefore string

Imprinter before value.

ImprinterAfter string

Imprinter after value.

ImprinterBottomBefore string

Imprinter bottom before value.

ImprinterBottomAfter string

Imprinter bottom after value.

EndorserBefore string

Endorser before value.

EndorserAfter string

Endorser after value.

EndorserBottomBefore string

Endorser bottom before value.

EndorserBottomAfter string

Endorser bottom after value.

(static, readonly) MeasurementUnit :number

Scanner measurement units enumeration.

Name Type Description
Inches number

Measure in inches, 1 inch = 2.54 cm

Centimeters number

Measure in centimeters, 1 cm = 1.00 cm or 1/2.54 inches

Picas number

Measure in picas, 1 pica = .42333333 cm or 1/6 inches

Points number

Measure in points, 1 point = .0352777775 cm or 1/72 inches

Twips number

Measure in twips, 1 twip = .0001763888 cm or 1/1440 inches

Pixels number

Measure in pixels

Millimeters number

Measure in millimeters, 1 mm = 0.1 cm or 1/25.4 inches

(static, readonly) Orientation :number

Scan orientation enumeration.

Name Type Description
Portrait number

Paper is scanned 'upright' (short edge feed)

Landscape number

Paper is scanned 'sideways' (long edge feed)

Any number

Leave current scanner settings

(static, readonly) PaperSize :number

Scan paper size enumeration.

Values corresponds to most popular paper sizes are presented. This enum could be extended to accept any valid paper size numeric value.

Name Type Description
Any number

Indicates 'no preference'

None number

While TWAIN defines meaning of value 0 as 'maximum scan area', many scanners and Image Capture on macOS will treat this as 'default' or 'last size selected by the user.'

A4 number

210mm x 297mm (ISO A4)

JISB5 number

182mm x 257mm (Same as JIS B5)

USLetter number

8.5" x 11.0" (US Letter)

USLegal number

8.5" x 14.0" (US Legal)

A5 number

148mm x 210mm (ISO A5)

ISOB4 number

250mm x 353mm (ISO B4)

ISOB6 number

125mm x 176mm (ISO B6)

USLedget number

11.0" x 17.0" (US Ledger)

USExecutive number

10.5" x 7.25" (US Executive)

A3 number

297mm x 420mm (ISO A3)

ISOB3 number

353mm x 500mm (ISO B3)

A6 number

105mm x 148mm (ISO A6)

C4 number

229mm x 324mm (ISO C4)

C5 number

162mm x 229mm (ISO C5)

C6 number

114mm x 162mm (ISO C6)

FourA0 number

1682mm x 2378mm (4A0)

TwoA0 number

1189mm x 1682mm (2A0)

A0 number

841mm x 1189mm (A0)

A1 number

594mm x 841mm (A1)

A2 number

420mm x 594mm (A2)

A7 number

74mm x 105mm (A7)

A8 number

52mm x 74mm (A8)

A9 number

37mm x 52mm (A9)

A10 number

26mm x 37mm (A10)

ISOB0 number

1000mm x1414mm (ISO B0)

ISOB1 number

707mm x1000mm (ISO B1)

ISOB2 number

500mm x 707mm (ISO B2)

ISOB5 number

176mm x 250mm (ISO B5)

ISOB7 number

88mm x 125mm (ISO B7)

ISOB8 number

62mm x 88mm (ISO B8)

ISOB9 number

44mm x 62mm (ISO B9)

ISOB10 number

31mm x 44mm (ISO B10)

JISB0 number

1030mm x1456mm (JIS B0)

JISB1 number

728mm x1030mm (JIS B1)

JISB2 number

515mm x 728mm (JIS B2)

JISB3 number

364mm x 515mm (JIS B3)

JISB4 number

257mm x 364mm (JIS B4)

JISB6 number

128mm x 182mm (JIS B6)

JISB7 number

91mm x 128mm (JIS B7)

JISB8 number

64mm x 91mm (JIS B8)

JISB9 number

45mm x 64mm (JIS B9)

JISB10 number

32mm x 45mm (JIS B10)

C0 number

917mm x1297mm (C0)

C1 number

648mm x 917mm (C1)

C2 number

458mm x 648mm (C2)

C3 number

324mm x 458mm (C3)

C7 number

81mm x 114mm (C7)

C8 number

57mm x 81mm (C8)

C9 number

40mm x 57mm (C9)

C10 number

28mm x 40mm (C10)

USStatement number

5.5" x 8.5" (140mm x 216mm) (US Statement)

Businesscard number

3.5" x 2" Business Card

(static, readonly) PixelType :number

Pixel type enumeration.

Name Type Description
Auto number
Any number

Don't care

BW number

B&W - bitonal

Grayscale number

Grayscale (8-bit linear)

Color number

RGB Color (24-bit)

Indexed number

Indexed color (8-bit)

(static, readonly) PrinterFontStyle :number

Imprinter font style enumeration.

Name Type Description
None number

None (not configured). In this case current values are used.

Normal number

Normal font

Bold number

Bold font

Italic number

Italic font

LargeSize number

Large size font

SmallSize number


(static, readonly) ScanMode :number

Scan modes enumeration.

Name Type Description
Simplex number

Simplex (front side only)

Duplex number

Duplex (both sides)

Any number

Leave current scanner settings