Represents WebDocumentThumbnailer configuration.


Set dragdelay for touch devices.

 _thumbs = new Atalasoft.Controls.WebDocumentThumbnailer({
   parent: $(".atala-document-thumbs"),
   serverurl: _serverUrl, // server handler url to send image requests to
   documenturl: _docUrl, // document url relative to the server handler url
   allowannotations: true,
   allowdragdrop: true,
   dragdelay: Atalasoft.Utils.Browser.Mobile.Any() ? 750 : 250, // It's recommended to increase this value on touch device
   viewer: _viewer
Name Type Default Description
[selectedhovercolor] string '#FFC060'

Selected thumbnail :hover background color.

[allowdragdrop] boolean false

Indicates whether drag&drop through UI is enabled.

[dragdelay] number 250

Delay in milliseconds before drag&drop operation is started.

This delay is intended to support "pan" behavior when UI drag&drop support is enabled.

[hovercolor] string '#667F9F'

Thumbnail :hover color.

[maxwidth] number 300

Specifies the maximum amount of pixel width allowed for zooming in.

This property is intended to limit size of the images data transferred over the wire on big zoom values.

[minwidth] number 80

Specifies the minimum amount of pixel width allowed for zooming out.

[selectedcolor] string '#E0872D'

Selected thumbnail background color.

[backcolor] string '#DCDCDC'

Thumbnail background color.

[selectedindex] number 0

Index of the initially selected page. This page will be selected after each new document will be loaded.

[selecteditemsorder] SelectedItemsOrder ItemIndexOrder

Defines the order in which selected pages are to be processed.

[selectionmode] SelectionMode SingleSelect

Defines the WDT selection mode.

[showthumbcaption] boolean false

Specifies whether captions will be added to the each thumbnail page.

[thumbcaptionformat] string

Specifies default thumbnail caption format.

{0} - will be substituted with page number. {1} - will be substituted with the document file name. Could also be set on server using DocumentInfoRequestedEventArgs arguments of DocumentInfoRequested event.

[thumbpadding] number 8

Padding of the thumbnail image.